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Roneford Catering Equipment Wholesaler have three 4,000 sqft shop/showrooms, one in North London and three in Hertfordshire.
We have a huge amount of catering equipment in stock, new & used. Please phone for stock availability. National delivery available from £27.
Tel: 020 8801 8729 or 07932 750194 or Email:

Small Catering Equipment
192 Philip Lane
Tottenham -

Roneford Catering Equipment - London
Large Catering Equipment
11 Ducksbury Ind. Est

Roneford Catering Equipment - Charlton Mead
No19 Sedge Green
Waltham Abbey

Roneford Catering Equipment - Sedge Green
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110x70 walnut real wood rectangular table tops and black heavy duty base

£45 +VAT

Rectangular table with heavy duty base
| Quantity: 6
Real wooden table tops and stainless steel base 60x70 tops fair condition
Stainless base

£25 +VAT

Square tables for cafe
Real dark wooden tops 105cm diameter round
Dinning hight with large heavy base round used in fair condition.

£50 +VAT

Round cafe tables
| Quantity: 2
Single door bakery fridge
Temp -13/-21c
Holds bakery trays 600x400mm
Size ext: 738mm by 941 by 2140h
Used several marks and dents !!

£650 +VAT

Wiliams C1T-SA Single Door Bakery Fridge
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
Single door bakery fridge
Temp -5c / +3c
Holds bakery trays 600x400mm
Size ext: 738mm by 941 by 2140h
Used several marks and dents !!

£650 +VAT

Used Wiliams C1T-SA Single Door Bakery Fridge
Real walnut colour Round wooden table tops 108cm diameter, dining hight
With black large round heavy base used
But in fair condition

£50 +VAT

Round walnut dining tables for cafe or restaurant
| Quantity: 3
25 x used chairs
Average condition
£14.00 each - Selling as complete parcel £350.00

£350 +VAT

wooden chairs
| Quantity: 25
150pc left
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12.1/2" Oval Damask Dudson Seconds
| Quantity: 150
Wooden chairs
Used, few marks but solid chairs
£16.99 each, But the lot £600
Ideally would like to sell as set

£16.99 +VAT

Used wooden chairs
| Quantity: 38
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
150pc left

£2.95 +VAT

150 x New Dudson 11.1/4" Oval Plates Seconds
| Quantity: 150
Model: E2S
Condition: Ex Demo (Exhibition Stock)
List Price: £4,699
Now: £2,499
3 Months Part Warranty

£2499 +VAT

Merrychef Eikon e2s High Speed Oven
Condition: Ex Demo (Exhibition Stock)
9kw / 3 phase supply need
Electric Fry Top with Cabinet

£1299 +VAT

RexMartin - Electric Fry top with Cabinet
Condition: Ex Demo (Exhibition Stock)
Electric Grill with Cabinet
12kw / 3 phase supply needed

£1299 +VAT

RexMartin Electric Chargrill with Cabinet
  • Frima Model: VCC-112T - Frima List: £9,899 - Frima Now: £5.999
  • Adande Model: VCR1 - Adande List: £3,288 - Adande Now: £1,850
Price for both: £6,400
Condition: Ex Demo (Exhibition Stock)

£6400 +VAT

Selling Frima VarioCooking Centre and Adande Fridge / Freezer
| Quantity: 2
Condition: Ex Demo
12kw / 3 phase supply needed
Water supply needed
Heat resistance
Electric Pasta Cooker

£1299 +VAT

RexMartin - Electric Pasta Cooker
Hot Cupboard storage with gastro heated gantry
Condition: Good
13 amp x 3 plugs

£220 +VAT

Used Hot Cupboard with Double Heated Cupboard
Model: B-FM10
Condition: Ex Demo (Never Used)
List Price: £12,000
Now: £4,250
3 Months Part Warranty

£4250 +VAT

Hobart Bonnet Precijet 10 Grid Electric Combi Oven
Dudson Finest Vitrified 6oz Cups
Perfect for double espresso or small cappuccino.
Not used
Special offer £0.75 each. (+VAT)
500 in stock.
Minimum order: 50 pcs

£0.75 +VAT

Dudson Finest Vitrified 6oz Cups
| Quantity: 500
Seconds, not used
Sold by catering equipment suppliers London
List price £15.03
Special offer £9.50 +VAT - Hurry while stocks last

£9.50 +VAT

100x Dudson New Slight Seconds - Oval Plate Heavy Duty Hotelware 15" Wide Rim
| Quantity: 100