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Provide your customers with top quality coffee made to perfection with this Fracino two group coffee machine. It features easy to use controls and comes complete with two steam wands and two portafilters. This machine is the perfect addition to your coffee shop or café.

£750 +VAT

2 group coffee machine
No Bakery is complete without this top quality mixer by leading manufacturer Hobart. It features a proven gear box with three speeds, auxiliary drive hub and a 15 minute timer. Additionally the mixer has easy accessible start/ stop switches and is fitted with a bowl guard. This quality mixer comes fully complete with a stainless steel bowl, beater, dough hook and whisk making it suitable for producing a wide range of items from cakes to mayonnaise and bread and pizza bases.

£625 +VAT

Mixer for sale
This stylish chilled display counter is perfect for displaying and serving customers delicious products. It features an open front which allows your customers to help themselves to the items they desire whilst the rear doors allow easy replacement of sold items ready for sale. It comes complete with three shelves which ensure your products are showcased to the highest standard. The attractive wooden frontage ensures it will complement any eatery from cafes and coffee shops to buffet style restaurants.

£895 +VAT

Display counter for sale
Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to provide your customers with quality fried foods. This slim line fryer is perfect for frying chips, onion rings, chicken nuggets and more. It comes with a single wire mesh basket and is easy to drain and clean.

£495 +VAT

Gas fryer for sale
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Provide your customers with outstanding oriental foods cooked to perfection with this quality wok cooker by Falcon. It is fabricated from high grade stainless steel which prevents warping of tops. The burners are configured with two at the front with a single burner at the back whilst the smart spray bar provides a constant flow of water across hob to keep surface cool and clean. This quality wok cooker comes complete with an easy to clean front gully and drain system which clears cooking debris and removable stainless steel wok setting rings makes cleaning and maintenance effortless.

£895 +VAT

Wok cooker
This salamander by Vulcan is perfect for grilling, toasting and melting dishes for your customers to enjoy. It comes complete with a branding shelf which is perfect for cooking meats to perfection whilst the standard grill shelf is perfect for all other food types. The easy to use controls ensure effortless operation. The compact size of the grill makes it perfect for kitchens where space is limited but still requires a top quality grill.

£250 +VAT

Salamander grill
This quality 2 group coffee machine is perfect for cafes and coffee shops where space is at a premium but do not want to save on quality, reliability and functionality. It features a direct water feed and thermo-siphon cycle system, rotary pump and extremely precise double manometer, multi-directional steam and water wands.

£750 +VAT

2 group coffee machine
Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to safely store a wide range of chilled foods for your business. This white fridge features fan assisted cooling providing even and consistent cooling and an easy to read temperature display. Additionally the fridge comes fully complete with four shelves which can be adjusted to accommodate all the fresh foods you require.

£275 +VAT

fridge for sale
This quality slim line freezer by Williams features a bottom mounted refrigeration system which saves space making it suitable for any establishment with low ceilings. The freezer has been constructed from high quality stainless steel with an aluminium interior and comes complete with three shelves which provide all the storage your business needs.

£425 +VAT

Freezer for sale
This three door prep fridge by Infrico is the perfect addition to your bust kitchen. It features a spacious built in saladette which accommodates 1/3 gastronome containers ensuring effortless food preparation within your busy restaurant. The prep fridge comes with ones shelf per door which provides ample chilled storage for all your chilled ingredients.

£750 +VAT

Prep fridge for sale
Perfect for use within the most demanding of food service locations this quality single door fridge is perfect for storing large volumes of foods at the perfect temperature. The spacious interior comes fully complete with four shelves which provide all the chilled storage your busy establishment requires.

£450 +VAT

fridge for sale
This stylish double bottle cooler is perfect for use within any busy bar space. It comes complete with sliding doors and has one shelf which provides ample storage of all your chilled drinks at the perfect serving temperature for your customers to enjoy.

£210 +VAT

beer fridge for sale
This sturdy hot cupboard trolley is perfect for keeping large volumes of produce at the perfect serving temperature. It is ideal for use within establishments such as schools, hospitals and other food service locations. It comes complete with two shelves which provide ample storage space for gastronomes of freshly cooked foods.

£150 +VAT

Heated trolley for sale
Provide your customers with top quality grilled and toasted foods cooked to perfection with this excellent salamander by leading manufacturer Falcon. It features high performance burners, easy to use controls with variable brander height enabling you to have complete control over the cooking process ensuring food consistency and quality. This quality salamander will make the perfect addition to your busy kitchen.

£495 +VAT

Salamander grill for sale
Provide your diners with delicious meals cooked to perfection within this quality fan assisted convection oven by Blodgett. The large capacity enables quantities of foods to be cooked at the same time making it ideal for both restaurant and banquet services within the most demanding of food service locations. The oven comes fully complete with easy to use controls and three full sized oven shelves.

£750 +VAT

Oven for sale
This smart quality chip scuttle is perfect for any small fast food eatery. It is capable of keeping chips and other fried products at the perfect temperature for up to 20 minutes. The perforated base helps to maintain product texture and quality by allowing excess oils to drip through to the removable tray below. This compact chip scuttle is easy to use and has simmerstat control making it easy to use within your business.

£95 +VAT

Chip scuttle for sale
This top quality twin deck pizza oven features an electronic control board which has been specifically designed to offer effortless cooking for you to create perfect pizzas and is decorated with a special black dashboard giving the oven a sleek and stylish finish. It is also fitted with heavy-duty doors insulated with high density fibre which reduces heat loss whilst the double refractory deck with a vacuum in the middle distributes heat coming from the burner allowing perfect even baking.

£3500 +VAT

Pizza oven for sale
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