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Removed from working kitchen, some minor cosmetic mark's, 1 of the caster is loose but doesn't effect the running of the fridge.

£390 inc. VAT

Under-counter fridge for sale
Reverse Osmosis is a highly effective physical water technology employing high pressure across a semi permeable membrane to separate out otherwise harmful particulate, ions and bacteria. This non-chemical process provides an excellent solution in the production of high quality across a broad spectrum of applications.

£2500 inc. VAT

Water filtration system
Heavy duty Stainless steel Extractor in good condition with filter's. It does require a external fan as these were connected to ducting. Come with internal lights and a blower to circulate fresh air. We have have 4 of these in stock.

£495 inc. VAT each

Extractor hood for sale
| Quantity: 4
Good clean working order, comes with wall hung frame.

£395 inc. VAT

Grill for sale
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The 83906 model is a Chrome, Battery operated, infrared underbasin mixer tap.The underbasin mixer prevents users from changing the water temperature in areas where anti-vandal standards are desired. The site owner can set the desired tempetature by moving the lever located under the sink. If you require Thermo-mixing valves

£449 inc. VAT

Trough sink for sale
Dimensions: 120(L) x 66(D) x 46(H)
Drop in depth is 2 cm

£495 inc. VAT

Hot Plate Serving Counter
Removed from a London Office canteen, in good working order, single phase electric required.
We have 4 available, discount on multiple purchase, please call for further information.

£550 inc. VAT

Hot plate for sale
Depth 800mm x 2000mm dia. x height 760mm 75 litre per kettle.

£3995 inc. VAT

Kettles for sale
The CL60 continuous feed unit is designed for quality, continuous slicing, dicing, shredding, grating and julienne processing.
This unit accommodates 20 different processing blades(NO BLADES INCLUDED).
The unit was designed to conform to strict sanitation standards

£695 inc. VAT

Food processor for sale
Natural Gas, good working order, missing one of the back vent tops which doesn't effect the use and can be replaced

£595 inc. VAT

Range cooker for sale
Removed from a High end London Restaurant, in good working order. We also have a ELRO DBGN 23 112 Litre Electric Pressure Braising Pan which can be joined to the bratt pan or used singly (£3995), if bought together a discount will apply,

£2000 inc. VAT

Bratt pann for sale
This cooking station is 4 individual unit’s, a prep surface/Griddle/Fryer and a 4 hob ceramic top, each unit runs off 3 phase electric, these units can be lined up or situated separately. There are some cosmetic marks but it’s in good clean working order.

£3000 inc. VAT

Cooking station
Temperature Range +1 to +4 C- 150 litre Capacity - Stainless Steel Exterior
2 Shelves - Dimensions 605w x 620d x 830h - Rating 13A

£240 inc. VAT

Fridge for sale
Removed from a London office, we have 12 table's in total. Discount on bulk purchase.

£180 inc. VAT each

Tables for sale
| Quantity: 12
Heated pass through with 3 heat lamps and 3 hot plates,glass sides and top. Good working order. Adjustable heat top and bottom

£495 inc. VAT

Heated pass for sale
Cashier Section with Cable Port and Double Electrical Socket. (R) denotes right handed, VCCS(R) right handed cashier section with optriple tube drop down tray slide.

£395 inc. VAT

POS counter for sale
Removed from a London restaurant, some of the button fascia's are missing but the buttons still work.

£1295 inc. VAT

Proofer for sale
Removed from a London restaurant, in good working order, with signs of use, comes with exit table and tray's.
There is a entry table and taps, but we believe these are built in so want come out, we will try to remove and if they do come out this will be included in the sale.

£1695 inc. VAT

Pass through dishwasher
Elro describe these very clever boiling pans as “A multifunction pan and cooker for health conscious high performance cooking”. Designed to cook large batches of soups, stocks, pie fillings without the need to tend and stir. Sealing meat and fish before adding aromatics and liquids brings out the very nest of flavour. Cooking in a pressurised vacuum reduces cooking times by up to 50% on conventional cooking, preserves nutritional values and optimises flavour. If turn-over times are an intrinsic part of your operation, these machines would add significant value to operational planning and accurately meeting deadlines.

£2995 inc. VAT

Pressure cooker for sale
All stainless steel construction base and midshelf, sliding doors.

£395 inc. VAT

Cupboard for sale
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