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South East Refurbs Ltd. was formed from a dedicated team of specialists prepared to go that ‘Extra Mile' to ensure each job is carried out within the agreed time-frame and budget.
Our team has accumulated over 30 years experience working within the Hotel and Leisure industry throughout the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to each project ensuring complete honesty and integrity.

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Contemporary in design these grey leather benches are always handy as extra seating. Could really be used as tables / benches for dual purposes in smaller spaces. The simplicity really means that they’re not going to date fast so handy for commercial use not just residential. See prices for different lengths below, both same design.

£70 +VAT

Used  leather benches
| Ref #: cade03affb57
Grey suede swivel chairs set on 4 brushed aluminium legs / feet. Pleasingly curved at the arms and back. Will give you hours of pleasure spinning around instead of working as I’m now doing at work . It’s a joke Boss.

£125 +VAT

Used swivel chairs for sale
| Ref #: e0cd34810b59

2x Sofas (Code CH691) - London

Price: £190 +VAT
Used Sofas for sale
Angular, contemporary and neutral in colour. These sofas are going to look super opposite each other with the proverbial coffee table in the middle loaded with art books that you haven’t a clue who any of the artists are. Can be brought singularly as well. So plump up , the cushions , not you and enjoy these cosy little additions to your space .

£190 +VAT

Used Sofas for sale
| Ref #: 936b1fea3185
Designed in 2005 by Patricia Urquiola this stool sold by B&B Italia is a simple piece of pure class. Wonderfully comfortable with its soft fabric cover and chromed drawn steel frame . Go into the shop in Brompton Cross and see about 6 pieces of furniture in a space the size of an aircraft hangar or shop with us and pick up a bargain . Cost £££s originally .

£150 +VAT

Lazy stool for sale
| Ref #: 24ab08a770a8
Always popular in your corner shop or supermarket.
Grab and Go as they say , think you have to pay somewhere along the line as well so don’t take to literally.
Extremely heavy requiring a four man team to lift.

£300 +VAT

Commercial multideck fridge for sale
| Ref #: 1f4e58d61068
Nicely inlaid side-table that is a perfect foil for a lamp etc.
Central octagonal column with three splayed legs for full support.
A nice touch being the small strips of metal to stop those annoying scuffs from tiresome leg twitchers.
Ideal height besides a sofa or just to fill a corner.
One of the metal strips is missing from the base.
Dimensions Diameter 75cm Height 76cm

£85 +VAT

Circular Side-Table x 4
| Ref #: a68b6640735a
Designed in 2014 , this matte nickel floor lamp by Gabriel Teixido is an accessible task lamp. With its stark silhouette and streamlined fittings it shows off the work at the Spanish family company of Carpyen at its best. Balanced on a boom arm on a vertical axis light needs are met with a rotatable head. Think you may have guessed I like this lamp.
Dimensions 23cm circular base and extended boom arm of 53cm

£90 +VAT

Tema floor lamp by Carpyen
| Ref #: 3d436af98730

Sofa Bed (CODE SOF017) - Sussex

Price: £299 +VAT
Sofa Bed SOF017
This sofa-bed has a rather 1970’s feel to it. Upholstered in a raised pile stripe in purple, beige, brown and black, you can’t get much more 70’s than that combination. Always handy when people unexpectedly stay the night or for a bedsit where space is a premium. Seating for three so quite a good size for the bed. Feel like I should get my platforms and bell bottoms on whilst listening to KC and the Sunshine Band.
Dimensions Width 182cm Depth 91cm Ht to back 97cm Ht to seat 39cm.

£299 +VAT

Sofa Bed SOF017
| Ref #: 4bb651e27670
Beautifully crafted chrome plated anglepoise by Jac Jacobson. Distributed by Luxo lighting , they really are the Real McCoy as they say. Going to look suitably flashy on someone’s desk to highlight their tasks or turned to shine into someone’s eyes to force information out of them. How handy for the budding spy needing to get the truth from work collegues etc.
Dimensions Extended length 106cm

£80 +VAT

Used chrome lamp for sale
| Ref #: 83122042e659

Patterned Headboard - Sussex

Price: £50 +VAT
Patterned headboard
Luxurious red and gold fabric, detailed with small golden flowers.
Extra padding for extra comfort.
Dimensions of headboard excluding wooden uprights:
Width 1,930.4mm Height 914,4mm

£50 +VAT

Patterned headboard
| Ref #: 788c86dbcabb

Easy Chair (CH688) - Sussex

Price: £80 +VAT
Easy Chair (CH688)
Statement chair upholstered in a self- patterned rose fabric . Suitably framed in a contrasting dark wood frame. Extremely wide seat for those who like to fidget and drape , that’s me and everyone I know.
Dimensions Height to back 111cm Height to seat 48cm Width 67cm Depth 71cm.

£80 +VAT

Easy Chair (CH688)
| Ref #: 6b7a5e4eee6c
This Italian ISA Display Cabinet is great quality from a manufacturer known for design and quality.
Ventilated with three shelves, two door and illuminated with two strip lights upright at front.
Set on castors and with a metal finish for ease of cleaning.
Fantastic for displaying all confectionary, ices, gateaux etc.
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£450 £325 +VAT

Cake display freezer for sale
| Ref #: 05cb33e8dbca
Substantial pieces that will look good in any room. Has a hidden secret in that it’s only 4 drawers actually. 2 of the drawers being fake and open as a cupboard.
Great for hiding all those little things not to be seen, a safe, a small TV or, for me, a small fridge for the booze.
These pieces should polish up rather well to give a nice deep colour so get the elbow grease going.
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£65 +VAT

Chests of Drawers x 11
| Ref #: 580d7e5c5bb1
Elegantly shaped with a specialised green paint effect dragged by brush over the wood. Ideally sized for display purposes whether with a central placement or flush to a wall. The top has a flush glass insert inlaid within the frame. The paint effect gives a very tactile finish that just encourages you to stroke it, think that’s still legal.
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£50 +VAT

Green Console Tables x 6
| Ref #: 13e02778fc37
Really rather magnificent in their simplicity. Perfect for placing beside a chair and sipping a cocktail. Not 4 legs but 6, silver curlicues and a glass top set within the slightly raised edge. This is my attempt at being an auctioneer, do I hear a bid, well you can’t because the price is set. Gavel down.
Dimensions: Height 66cm Diameter 50cm Depth 40cm.
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£50 +VAT

Oval Occasional Tables x 3
| Ref #: 89375f0badcc
Well you can picture this in a villa can’t you. Transported from Portugal , Gawd knows how. The cabinet is heavily carved with gilt fittings and unusually shaped glass door fronts. Ties in with the matching table and 8 heavily carved chairs that are covered in an acid trip fabric of flowers etc. The cabinet can be purchased separately to the table set if desired. So sit down , relax , and lob some coca mallorquina at each other whilst fanning your bodies.
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£1250 +VAT

Portuguese Carved Cabinet and Dining Set of 8 Chairs and Table
| Ref #: 27ee6da4066d
Rich ruby red glass table lights. Sounds like a cross between the Wizard of Oz and Cinderella. A beautiful rich colour set on a square chrome base, would look great as a pair on a console behind your sofa or, singly, on a low level table. Shades extra. Click those heels and you’ll end up in our showroom not Kansas.
Dimensions: Height 50cm.
Costing… As a pair £60.00 + VAT … Single lamp £35.00 + VAT each.
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£35 +VAT

10x Red Table Lamps
| Ref #: 50219fd12ca7
A vibrant colour that makes quite a statement. Classic in its styling and with nicely turned front legs. Purple is trending on your dinner plates as the new superfood, so, if eating off a tray you won’t stain the faux velvet fabric if dropping anything. Job done.
Dimensions: Width 82cm Depth 80cm Height to back 85cm Height to seat 47cm
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£60 +VAT

Vibrant Purple Chairs
| Ref #: 2d4da41d446a
Has a slightly nautical feel about this one. A solid circular mirror with a sunken circular mirror set within. Sunken, nautical, sounds like the Titanic. Luckily for you, these ones don’t have to be dredged up and are available in our Showroom.
Dimensions Diameter 82cm Depth 4.5cm.
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£50 +VAT

Circular Mirrors x 13
| Ref #: 9f56d4ec9ff2

Sunburst Mirror (CODE MIR100) - Sussex

Price: £575 £450 +VAT
oval sunburst mirrors
Stunning pair of oval sunburst mirrors. Fantastic condition and carved.
Can be bought as a single unit so a beautiful addition over your marble mantle.
These pieces are suitable for commercial or residential use.
Now I can’t get the song “the sun has got his hat on hip-hip-hip-hooray”out of my head.
Dimensions: Frame drop 150cm Width 136cm / Mirror drop 81cm Width 66cm
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£575 £450 +VAT

oval sunburst mirrors
| Ref #: 4cbff9078941
Unusual spoonback style side chairs. Originally from a trendy West End London café and now available in Eastbourne. Really comfortable with solid wood stained framing. These are going to look superb in another café or in a residential space around your dining table. Think you should wear an orange colour whilst reposing, just like orange and grey together really, my only reason.
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£75 £70 +VAT

Grey Side Chairs / Brushed Fabric x 16
| Ref #: 3839ea2aa396

8x Blanket Box (CODE-CH461) - Sussex

Price: £125 £80 +VAT
Blanket Box
American Empire style blanket boxes with ebonized corner legs.
The entire front of this piece pulls out and is one large drawer.
Constructed from a birdseye maple veneer.
Well padded in a double diamond pattern that’s light moss green in tone.
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£125 £80 +VAT

Blanket Box
| Ref #: 94781bb19956
Curtains Andaz Various sizes.
Sleek and stylish cotton mix grey curtains. So neutral and tailored that they are really going to fit into any scheme that’s flitting through your head. So Get Smart and I don’t mean the TV programme. Various sizes.
Cost £180.00 per pair.
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£180 +VAT

Curtains Andaz
| Ref #: e77a2f9e2c8b

20x Dining Chair (Code CH535) - Sussex

Price: £35 £25 +VAT
Dining chairs - retro
These dining chairs are quite retro with their dark stained wooden frames set off with an olive oil coloured velour fabric.
Solid, comfortable and a design that’s simple enough to fit in with most interiors.
Thus just invite Popeye, Bluto and a spinach leaf round for dinner.
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£35 £25 +VAT

Dining chairs - retro
| Ref #: c129182fd37f
Pale purple armless chair x 2
A neutral pale purple chair with running silver thread and chrome studs. Great width on seat to get really comfortable and do a resplendent pose. Would look great with two together or on opposing sides of a modernistic fireplace .Maybe equally nice to just buy as a chair I guess.
Dimensions Width 77cm Depth 87cm Height to back 90cm Height to seat 47cm.
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£150 +VAT

Pale Purple Armless Chair
| Ref #: fa0f3c034f65
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