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Large Gold / Gilt Mirror - Middlesex

Price: £795 ono VAT Free
Gold Mirror
Huge gilt mirror. Enhances any room.
Exquisite extremely large vintage gilt mirror.
Length 99 inches
Width 55 inches

£795 ono VAT Free

Gold Mirror
| Ref #: cf288bf1954f
Extremely ornate with carved wave framing in a dark wood with antique gold detailing. Great quality with bevelled mirror. Design wise it’s a mixture of Art Deco meets Cleopatra , maybe a tad over -the-top for the bathroom , thinking milk baths and Amanda Barry etc just mind ya asp . Flights of fancy again.

£90 +VAT

Used Ornate mirror
| Ref #: d493cf3fd2f2
Has a slightly nautical feel about this one. A solid circular mirror with a sunken circular mirror set within. Sunken, nautical, sounds like the Titanic. Luckily for you, these ones don’t have to be dredged up and are available in our Showroom.
Dimensions Diameter 82cm Depth 4.5cm.

£50 +VAT

Circular Mirrors x 13
| Ref #: 9f56d4ec9ff2

Large Vintage Mirror - London E17

Price: £49.99 ono VAT Free
Large Vintage Mirror
1100mm x 1360mm 9mm border
Ideal for home or office or business
Restaurant pub club hotel bar cafe
Taken from a closing pub and commercial
Has signs of wear
Brown wood with good quality glass mirror
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£49.99 ono VAT Free

Large Vintage Mirror
| Ref #: 7a37af889bc7
HFA Removals
Quality bevelled walnut mirrors
Width -135cm (1,350mm)
Height 70cm (700mm)
Cost in excess of £125 in John Lewis
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£39.50 £29.50 +VAT

Bevelled mirrors for sale
| Ref #: 9d4bf95753f0

Sold Black Ornate Mirror - London

Price: £100 £190 VAT Free
black ornate mirror
Black ornate mirror

In excellent condition

130 x 155cm

£100 £190 VAT Free

black ornate mirror
| Ref #: 81be9f0a9f3c
Well painted in a dragged blue effect and edged in gold.. This bevelled mirror is classic in design but now has the twist with the paint effect and colour. Bright and cheerful these pieces are going to put a smile on everyones face, which is handy seems it’s a mirror.
Dimensions: Width 66cm Height 96cm

£40 +VAT

Painted Mirror x 3
| Ref #: a4d0e3b95c46
Large rectangular mirror that is silvered over a gesso base. The mirror itself being bevelled, as all the best mirrors are. Going to look great hung or, as often happens now, just leaning casually against the wall. Very neutral so ideal for, my least favourite term, shabby ch…
Dimensions: Width 61cm Height 151cm

£40 +VAT

Silver framed mirror
| Ref #: 360784ffb632
Rather 50’s in style this elliptical mirror is both graceful and functional. The mirror is bevelled and set in a slim solid wood frame. Perfect for reflecting the supermodels amongst us, isn’t everyone in their own way.
Dimensions: Width 45cm Height 131cm

£35 +VAT

Wood framed oval mirror
| Ref #: 506d65e102aa
Thick frame in a mottled bronze finish surrounding an oval antiqued mirror. Rather different and the two together would give a grand effect to your space. Well proportioned to be a statement mirror rather than a small thing that everyone looks in but doesn’t notice actually how nice it is. A little too large for a handbag maybe, mind have you seen the size of some handbags around town.
Dimensions: Width 88cm Height 132cm.

£55 +VAT

Bronze Oval Mirror
| Ref #: 3cf527f06292

£500 VAT Free

Large Ornate Mirror
| Ref #: d3403abf23e5

Upcycled Wall Mirrors in Teakwood - London

Price: £45 including VAT
Upcycled Wall Mirrors in Teakwood

£45 including VAT

Upcycled Wall Mirrors in Teakwood
| Ref #: 72af8521a94c

Mirror (CODE MIR068) - Sussex

Price: £40 +VAT
Not a high street price. This mirror would grace any wall with its’ plain gold frame that has some gold fleck detailing to make it that little bit special. So basically “Spieglein Spieglein an der Wand wer ist die Schonste im ganzen Land”. Well may as well quote in German seems that’s where the story originated. Ha.
Dimensions Length 107cm Width 98cm

£40 +VAT

| Ref #: 8a5cbe2719dc

Sold Mirror - Stone, Staffordshire

Price: £75 VAT Free
Custom made Mirror, light to medium Oak
Custom made Mirror, light to medium Oak
Measurements H: 990mm W: 1140mm

£75 VAT Free

Custom made Mirror, light to medium Oak
| Ref #: 28870ff88b75
Rather beautiful inlaid mirrors. Good dimensions to reflect a well placed object in front of them, just to one side of course or, just to reflect your beautiful self.
We do live in the age of the Selfie now I guess.
Nicely edged in a black wood to sharpen the browns. Mirror mirror on the……..
Dimensions Width 91cm Drop 105cm

£40 +VAT

Inlaid Mirrors
| Ref #: be6fb233fe0c

Contemporary Mirror - Birmingham

Price: £175 VAT Free
contemporary mirror
Brand new, contemporary mirror design.
Made as a set with the console table.
Strong, high quality product.

£175 VAT Free

contemporary mirror
| Ref #: fdbaf518d572

Large Wall Mirror - West End, London

Price: £200 ono VAT Free
Large Wall Mirror

£200 ono VAT Free

Large Wall Mirror
| Ref #: b9b15b68864e

Mirror Selection - West End, London

Price: £350 ono VAT Free
Selection of pub mirrors
Will separate for right offer

£350 ono VAT Free

| Ref #: e1cb9bb2aa31
Pale solid ash with black detailing mirrors. Very solid and thus hotel sturdy.
Ideal for that hotel uniform situation but could equally be at home in your home.
Slightly Grecian overtones, oh I’m off again.

£15 +VAT

15 mirrors in pale ash with black
| Ref #: 28934a1e1ddd
Mirror Mirror on the………These fine mirrors have an aged effect gilt frame with simple lined detailing surrounding a carved inner beading. The mirror itself bevelled.
Width 70cm Drop 89cm
Ideal placement over a mantle, chest of drawers with reflective lamp etc. Oh here I go styling up again.

£40 £35 +VAT

Aged Gilt Mirrors
| Ref #: 6c16b6ffacc5
Well you’re certainly going to see your reflections in these full-length mirrors. Really could be hung either way to suit your design and what you actually want to reflect.
Solid wooden frame with thick glass so quite weighty. Do remember what’s being reflected before hanging, common mistake.

£35 £20 +VAT

Full length mirror
| Ref #: b5545f932f64

20 Mirrors - Cambridgeshire

Price: £25 +VAT
red mirror
20 x Bevelled Edge Mirrors with Red Wooden Frame

Length 90cm Width 64cm

£25 + Vat each

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£25 +VAT

red mirror
| Ref #: 143d2bbaa66b
Could be used for theatre dressing room / ladies powder room / wash room

Used only once, in very good condition
  • 4 white oval mirrors
  • 4 white square mirrors
Price £45 each

£45 +VAT

Long dressing mirror
| Ref #: 5f98c77db1b7
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