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Perfect size for individual pie or side portion of veg
Size 5.1/4" wide by 2" height
Oven proof, Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe
Boxed in 36pc
List price £4.95 - Clearance £2.50 - 500+ available min 72pc

£2.50 +VAT

Dudson Best Pie Dish  for sale
| Quantity: 500
(Not used) warehouse clearance
Some might have warehouse dust on them
Code of mug is 091v
List price £3.57
Pice £1.25 each to clear - 200+ instock - Min order 50pc

£1.25 +VAT

Dudson Mug 10z Cone Shape Seconds
| Quantity: 200
Hatco Free standing drawer warmer
Holds everything from meat to vegetables
Temperature controlled
Large deep tray size
Size of the external Unit :56w by 90d by 87h

£400 +VAT

Free standing drawer

3 Door Fridge - London

Price: £399 +VAT
Prep fridge for sale
3 door fridge
Check and tested all

£399 +VAT

Prep fridge for sale
Polar g596 2 door Fridge
Used polar Fridge
-2c + c

£399 +VAT

Prep fridge for sale

Polar Freezer - London

Price: £399 +VAT
Polar freezer for sale
Polar used freezer
2 door
Check clean and tested ok

£399 +VAT

Polar freezer for sale

Falcon 4 Burner Cooker - London

Price: £750 £599 +VAT
Falcon 4 burner for sale
60cm wide by 77d
Total gas rating 97,000 btu
Holds Gen trays
Nat Gas
Used , cleaned and check and tested
**Comes with a new free gas hose **

£750 £599 +VAT

Falcon 4 burner for sale
We have in stock: Plaza Dudson Plaza Range crockery slight seconds. Hotel ware heavy duty crockery.
Not used as we are catering equipment wholesaler. All stock is ready on a pallet to be dispatched.
266 x10" Plate 260q
695 x9" Plate240q
270 x6"Side plate210q
480 x Oatmeal bowl 6.1/4"330q

£1499 +VAT

Dudson Plaza
Classic wide rim
List price £9.87
150pc left!!
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12"Oval Dudson Plates Seconds
| Quantity: 150
150pc left
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12.1/2" Oval Damask Dudson Seconds
| Quantity: 150

Williams Fish Fridge - London

Price: £2899 +VAT
Upright fridge for sale
Brand new fridge B grade
Fish temperature Fridge
Specially made for fish
Model : FG2TSS

£2899 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
150pc left

£2.95 +VAT

150 x New Dudson 11.1/4" Oval Plates Seconds
| Quantity: 150
12.1/2" plate
Heavy duty range
New not used
List is £9.75
Price £2.50 each or make an offer to clear the lot!!

£2.50 +VAT

450x Sonata Dudson 12 1/2" - Seconds
| Quantity: 450
Dudson Finest Vitrified 6oz Cups
Perfect for double espresso or small cappuccino.
Not used
Special offer £0.75 each. (+VAT)
500 in stock.
Minimum order: 50 pcs

£0.75 +VAT

Dudson Finest Vitrified 6oz Cups
| Quantity: 500
Seconds, not used
Sold by catering equipment suppliers London
List price £15.03
Special offer £9.50 +VAT - Hurry while stocks last

£9.50 +VAT

100x Dudson New Slight Seconds - Oval Plate Heavy Duty Hotelware 15" Wide Rim
| Quantity: 100

Hoshizaki IM-100 le - London

Price: £850 +VAT
Bar ice machine for sale
95kg production in 24 hours
Width 704mm by 1200h by 506mm depth
Bin storage 50kg
Auto fill
Cubes ice
Air cooled

£850 +VAT

Bar ice machine for sale
Ex display model , C grade brand
Capacity Net Volume: 467Ltr. Gross Volume: 620Ltr
Power Type 50Hz, 1 Phase, 13A

£899 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
Energy saving CoolSmart controller ensures excellent temperature control and easy-to-manage operation.
Designed for effective operation in high ambient 43°C environments, and built to withstand the rigours of day-to-day operation
Self-closing doors fitted with easy to clean, replaceable magnetic balloon gaskets for 100% seal
Construction includes 80mm polyurethane insulation with zero ODP and low GWP and provides excellent thermal efficiency.
Delivered to site with heavy duty, non-marking swivel castors with brakes for superior mobility and stability. The height of the Jade with castors is designed to fit through a standard door for ease of positioning

£899 +VAT

Upright fridge
Brand New , B Grade Stock
• Stainless steel exterior
• Aluminium interior
• Coolsmart controller for reduced energy consumption
• Designed to operate efficiently up to 43°C ambient, exceeding Climate Class 5
• Full length integral 'easy grab' door handle
• 75mm polyurethane insulation for excellent thermal efficiency

£1299 +VAT

Upright freezer for sale
Brand New B Grade Stock
Full length integral handles to provide a non-slip grab on the door, a must in a busy kitchen environment
Energy saving CoolSmart controller ensures excellent temperature control and easy-to-manage operation
Designed for effective operation in high ambient 43°C environments
Construction includes polyurethane insulation with zero ODP and low GWP and provides excellent thermal efficiency
Self-closing doors fitted with easy to clean, replaceable magnetic balloon gaskets for 100% seal
Removable racking and nylon coated shelving for flexibility and ease of cleaning

£1495 +VAT

Prep fridge for sale
The Garnet G1T is a high performance, single-door upright gastronorm cabinet that incorporates state of the art technology and rugged design. The 620 litres/21.9 cubic feet internal capacity is ideal for professional kitchens and the cabinet offers excellent performance, efficiency and reliability.

£1395 +VAT

upright fridge

Double Bowl Sink Used - London

Price: £355 +VAT
Double sink for sale
Heavy duty sink

£355 +VAT

Double sink for sale
1295Ltr capacity, the Williams Jade double door freezer is ideal for hectic professional restaurant, hotel or school kitchens. Designed for maximum performance in the most demanding of environments, the Jade can still effectively freeze your products even when the kitchen temperature reaches as high as 43°C. Inside, the freezer features six incredibly sturdy adjustable shelves and double size (2/1) gastronorm compatibility.

£1895 +VAT

Cabinet freezer for sale
B Grade Brand New
Power Type 50Hz, 1 Phase, 13A
Refrigerant R134a
Supplier Model Number HJ1-SA
Temperature Range 1°C to 4°C
Voltage 230V
6 Months Warranty

£995 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
Dudson's Fine China (soup/pasta plates)
Seconds/Not used/Overstocked
300 x 11 1/2" soup/pasta plate Special Offer £2,75
300 x 10 1/2" soup/pasta plate Special Offer £2.25

£2.25 +VAT

Dudson's Fine China Soup / Pasta Plates 10 1/2"
| Quantity: 600
All are Dudson seconds (we do not sell used goods)
List price together £3.92
Approx stock 500
Special offer together £1.99 + VAT

£1.99 +VAT

6.1/4oz Dudson Tea Cup 001U & Saucer to Match
| Quantity: 500

£825 +VAT

Williams fridge for sale
Electric powered, low energy.
Right-hand door is standard.
Steam cooking.
Combi cooking.
Hot air cooking.
The Crisp &Tasty feature of larger Convotherm ovens.
A multi-point core temperature probe, for accurate cooking

£1995 +VAT

Steam cooker for sale
Approx 1000pc in stock, more available
However stock levels do go up and down daily
Please note these plates are new, never been used

£2.50 +VAT

Dudson Classic Plain White - Slight Seconds - London
Two-stage door opening
4 Stainless Steel grid shelves
Gastronorm facility (650mm high),
Flexible gas hose,
Service chamber and manifold for suited products.
304 grade stainless steel steaming oven
Frame mounted door seal
Anti-drip channel on door

£899 +VAT

Gas steamer for sale

Stainless Table - London

Price: £175 +VAT
Stainless steel table
Stainless table
Inc draw
120x 70

£175 +VAT

Stainless steel table
Combining style and functionality, this cream Falcon range cooker complements any contemporary kitchen. It has 4 cavities including 2 ovens, a grill and a storage drawer for all your cookware. The main oven is multifunctional so there are lots of ways to cook your favourite dishes. The second cavity is an electric fan oven which ensures a consistent temperature across every shelf, so meals are always cooked thoroughly and evenly. There’s also a 5 zone gas hob with cast iron pan supports, giving you even more space and variety to experiment with new recipes.

£1499 +VAT ono

Gas range cooker for sale
Lyric Range SizeCode
1332PLATE 6.3/8"210L
60PLATE 7"220L
800PLATE 8"230L
1100PLATE 9"240L
 PLATE 10"260L
1000PLATE classic/baq10.5/8272L
280PLATE 11.3/8280L
460PLATE 12.1/2290L

£1.25 +VAT

Dudson Lyric - Slight Seconds
Heavy duty Comercial cookers Gas
90cm wide
Checked and tested
On wheels

£650 +VAT

Gas range cooker for sale
| Quantity: 2

Used Single Sink - London

Price: £200 +VAT
Single sink for sale
Excellent condition
Size : 120cm wide by 70d by 88h

£200 +VAT

Single sink for sale
Dudson Seconds in Chamonix Range Fine China
Hotel ware quality
Warehouse clearance!!!
15,000 pc in stock ready for dispatch - If not available in seconds we can always order best
Please call sales our office to check stocks in seconds or best 02088018729 or 07932750194
Limited offers only

£1.50 +VAT

Fine China Never Been Used - Georgian Fine China - Seconds
Slight Seconds
List Price
60% Off
1600Tudor Plate China 6 1/4"
300Tudor Plate China 8"
0Tudor Plate China9"
0Tudor Plate China9"1/2
1450Tudor Plate China10"

£1.27 +VAT

Neo Range Dudson Tudor China Slight Seconds
Solaris dinner plate 6"1/4 , Solaris dinner plate 9", Solaris dinner plate 10"
Solaris dinner plate 10"1/4, Solaris dinner plate 11"1/4 ,Pasta Plate 8" 3/4, Pasta plate 10"3/4
Pasta plate 12", Pasta plate 12" 1/2
Prices from £1.35 to £6.50

£12800 +VAT

Second Hand Dudson Solaris Slight Seconds
Seconds - new stock - OVER STOCKED
  • size :6.1/2" by 5.1/2" by 1" deep
  • fully vitrified
  • oven proof
  • dishwasher proof
  • microwave safe
  • toughen crockery
  • catering quality
Normal list price: £6.99, Clearance £1.75 each

£1.75 +VAT

400 x Dudson (NEW) Round Earded Dish
| Quantity: 400

Sold Used True Fridge - London

Price: £650 +VAT
True prep fridge for sale
True Fridge
Model tssu-48-12
In fair condition
Door seals and shelfs in good condition

£650 +VAT

True prep fridge for sale
They hold the bags of milk
All tested and ready for use
Price £100 each

£100 +VAT

Table Top Milk Dispenser
| Quantity: 2
Dudson Deep Oval Platter 12 1/2"
Special offer
400 pcs in stock

£7 +VAT

Dudson Deep Oval Platter
| Quantity: 400
Boxed in 24's
Price £1.25 each - you can buy both the blue dish and the white bowl for £2

£1.25 +VAT

Dudson Blue Oval Plate
| Quantity: 200
Boxed in 36's
Price 75p each - you can buy both the blue dish and the white bowl for £2

£0.75 +VAT

Dessert Dish Dudson Hotelware
| Quantity: 200
Very good condition Foster Fridge
1 door
150 ltrs
Stainless steel external
High quality aluminium interior
Front breathing system
Door seals in good condition

£210 +VAT

Fosters fridge for sale
| Quantity: 5

Sold 2x Undercounter Foster Freezer - London

Price: £245 +VAT
Under Counter Foster Freezer
Very good condition Foster Freezer
1 door
150 ltrs
Stainless steel external
High quality aluminium interior
Front breathing system
Door seals in good condition

£245 +VAT

Under Counter Foster Freezer
| Quantity: 2
  • Over stock (new) code 599L
  • Plain white
  • 10oz volume, 9.5cm diam by 6.1cm height
  • Graded seconds
  • Graded seconds

£1.10 +VAT

599L Dudson Stacking Soup Bowl
| Quantity: 500
Not used - please note : warehouse clearance for slow moving lines
Real value is £5k + VAT (min order 500pc or buy the lot)
Buy 1857 pc for £1399 +VAT (works out to be £0.75p each)

£1399 +VAT

Dudson Graded Seconds Crockery
| Quantity: 1857
Fully vitrified
Made purely for the catering industry
Saving up to 80% off factory list (i.e plate 30.5cm list price is £10.05 now £1.99)

£0.75 +VAT

dudson plates