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Various Jacobean Fine Chinas, Tea saucers and Plates

£2 +VAT

Various Jacobean Crockery
| Ref #: bf325c6dc5f2
120x 9 3/4" dinner plate £1.00
Brand new - Not used Hand selected seconds From Dudson
Microwave safe
Oven proof
Dishwasher safe

£1 +VAT

Dudson Pacific China
| Ref #: e8c823ad6c73

2000x Dudson Best Ovals - London

Price: £1.99 +VAT
Dudson best ovals
Heavy duty hotels ware
A grade stock
Size 22.5cm wide by 17.5cm
Ideal for rice dish / side dish / starter plate / general side serving dish
Microwave safe / dishwasher/ ovenproof
£5.99 list price Over stocked £1.99 plus vat each

£1.99 +VAT

Dudson best ovals
| Ref #: 83bc037d967a
Mega Deal on these Black Spectrum Rectangular plates:
Size 35x 21cm, Box quantity 6.
List Price £13.80 – Now only £8.99 each + VAT
Order more than 100 and get an even better price !

£8.99 +VAT

Spectrum Black Rectangular Plate
| Ref #: 789d799a7e85
Limited offer only whilst stock last !!
Square plate (281g) 11.3/8" 29 cm
Xl large dinner plate or medium sized platter
Factory list price £14.56
Net £5.30 each
Min order 50 pc only

£5.30 +VAT

duson plate
| Ref #: c2f05e7fa6cb
Code : 286p plain white
Dudson fine china precision deep plate / pasta plate
11.3/4" 29.7cm And the well size 6"
List price £12.77
WEB OFFER £4.99 + vat
Please note these pasta plates are hand selected seconds direct from the factory and all are new
We also have the full range in stock 6" / 9" / 10.1/2" / 11.1/2" and many more sizes in stock in this range
Please call office for more information and quote "PRECISION RANGE ON WEB"

£4.99 +VAT

Dudson fine china precision deep plate / pasta plate
| Ref #: 5e0fcb5ef3a5

500x Dudson Seconds Mugs - London

Price: £1.20 +VAT
500x Dudson Seconds Mugs for sale
These mugs are heavy duty and are for the catering industry
They are all hand selected Dudson seconds and brand new..
Warehouse clearance price
65% off .......

£1.20 +VAT

500x Dudson Seconds Mugs for sale
| Ref #: 0b2cf4845778

Dudson Aspen Crockery - London

Price: £2000 +VAT
Aspen crockery
Aspen crockery
All new, seconds crockery we have approx. 1080pc in stock ready for dispatch
6"1/4 @ £0.80 each - 7"@£0.85, 8"@£1.10 - 9"@£1.35 - 10"3/4 @ £2.50
Hotel ware crockery - Heavy duty

£2000 +VAT

Aspen crockery
| Ref #: 8f90d78e11ff
Simonelli 2 group fully automatic
Fully automatic 2 group
Steam pull down leaver
Hot water valve

£1599 +VAT

2 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 589261175e02
Wega 2 group fully automatic coffee machine

Italian coffee achine
Wega coffee machine is one of the best on the market !!

£1599 +VAT

Used coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 5e0704f6376b
  • Hotel ware very durable
  • Oven proof
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Microwave save
  • Grill safe
  • Direct on to flame safe
Old warehouse stock *** Clearance ***
All new & boxed
List price £4.95 - Now £1.25 each Grab a bargain

£1.25 +VAT

2000x 9" Dudson Best Plates
| Ref #: 15e88c078a99
** Ideal for serving salad for 4/ people
** Also could be used for buffet display as it will sit taller on the table than other items and will give the grand appeal!!!
** also could be used as rice serving platter for people of 8/10.
Dudson graded seconds crockery hand selected.
Size: 31.3cm wide by 7cm tall, Mid well width 13cm
List price £19.50 Your clearance price £6.99 each plus vat

£6.99 +VAT

100 x Dudson super deep bowl
| Ref #: 080fa48f15cb

9" Plates Dudson Seconds - London

Price: £1.50 +VAT
White dudson plates
Nova rim (narrow rim)
Heavy duty plates
Ideal for the busy restaurant
Plenty of stock to take away !!!
£1.50 each plus vat

£1.50 +VAT

White dudson plates
| Ref #: b51c8896c873
Discover this very popular range that has the lowest carbon emissions** of any ceramic hospitality tableware manufactured anywhere in the world. Produced entirely in the UK and featuring variance in colour and glaze, and specifically designed with the hand-made appearance of thrown pottery, every piece is truly unique.
Available in 4 colours: Jet (Black), Pearl, Sand and Granite.
Granite: Deep Plate 11½" Was £13.16 - Now £5.26 each - Pearl: Chefs Tray 10½"x 4¾" Was £7.62 – Now £3.05 each

£1.94 +VAT

Dudson evolution crockery
| Ref #: 1bc32191f6b8
Round coup plate (Ideal for starter plate /dinner plate / sharing plate or cheese plate)
Dudson code : 280 pearl
Colour : pearl white
All our seconds are hand selected and new simply factory seconds
10.3/4" or 27.3cm
Price has been reduced! Price was £6.65 - Now £2.33 each plate

£2.33 +VAT

coupe plate 10'' (280R)
| Ref #: 72e361e4691e
Deep round plate (Ideal for pasta plate / salad plate / noodle bowl / dessert plate )
Dudson code : 285 sand
Colour : brown/sand looking
All our seconds are hand selected and new simply factory seconds
11.5" or 29.2cm
Price has been reduced! Price was £10.11 - Now £4.49 each plate

£4.49 +VAT

deep plate 11.5'' (285R) sand
| Ref #: 10b2a43bf55f
Deep round plate (Ideal for pasta plate /salad plate /noodle bowl / dessert plate)
Dudson code : 285 pearl
Colour : pearl white
All our seconds are hand selected and new simply factory seconds
11.5" or 29.2cm
Price has been reduced! Price was £10.11 - Now £3.54 each plate

£3.54 +VAT

deep plate 11.5'' (285R) pearl
| Ref #: 7f8b70b8e908
Sugar bowls (in one crate), Half pint milk jug (in one crate), Soup bowl stacking and oil and vinegar pot (in one crate), Assorted milk jug and teapots (in one crate), Assorted milk jug 1pint (in one crate), Sugar bowl stacking (in one crate), Soup bowls stacking (in one crate), Large teapots with most of the lids (in one crate), Assorted wine glasses 6-8 different types most are crystal and very expensive most crystal £5 each normally, Champ flutes 3-4 types most crystal £8 each normally, Hiball’s 2-3 types most crystal £5 each normally,

£699 +VAT

Assorted Dudson Crockery And Crystal Glasses
| Ref #: 49582082a29e
Square, Plate (Ideal for starter plate / dessert plate)
Dudson code : 236r sand
Colour : brown/sand looking
All our seconds are hand selected and new simply factory seconds
8" or 21.6cm
Price has been reduced! Price was £5.74 - Now £2.01 each plate

£2.01 +VAT

Chef plate 8'' (236R) sand
| Ref #: 93fb28396e4c
Rectangle Tray (Ideal for dinner plate / sharing plate or cheese plate)
Dudson code : 955 pearl
Colour : pearly white
All our seconds are hand selected and new simply factory seconds
14" x 6.1/2" or 35.6cm x 16.5cm
Price has been reduced! Price was £9.60 - Now £3.36 each plate

£3.36 +VAT

rectangle tray 14'' x 6.5'' (955R) pearl
| Ref #: c64ab8ed9e55
Bistro chairs
Wooden frame plastic wicker
Pls not these chairs have been used
So be aware of the wicker’s might be loose are starting to come loose easy fix tho

£540 +VAT

Bistro Chairs
| Ref #: 4177f777b2ff
Eclipse dudson seconds crockery with slight embossed edge
In stock, warehouse clearance
  • 750 pc x 6.1/4" round side plate £0.50 each
  • 1000pc x 9" plate round £1.00 each
  • 200pc x 10.1/4" plate round £1.50 each
  • 100pc x 10.1/2" plate round £1.50
  • 1200pc x 10.1/2" soup plate £2.00
These are not used, all new crockery dudson seconds

£0.50 +VAT

New Eclipse dudson seconds crockery with slight embossed edge
| Ref #: 031cec156050

40x Chairs Wooden - London

Price: £18 +VAT
White wooden chairs for sale
40x chairs wooden
Ex Wagamama Chairs
Several marks
Good stacking chair

£18 +VAT

White wooden chairs for sale
| Ref #: 087c14dde088
Oak wooden table with base
Ex Wagamama furniture
Heavy duty solid wood tops and legs
Dining height

£45 +VAT

Wooden table with base
| Ref #: 62c8ddca8c80
Warehouse clearance !!!! Clearing out stock from house must go asap
350x 12 1/2" Dinner plate round - £2 each
520x 11 1/2" Dinner plate round - £2 each
30x 10" Dinner / Starter plate - £1 each
200x 9" Starter plate round - £1 each
600x 7" Side plate round - £0.50p each

£0.50 +VAT

Sonata & Saint Morits Dudson crockery
| Ref #: f75647d8fe90

80x Chairs - London

Price: £21.95 +VAT
Woeden chairs
80x Chairs
Solid Chair good condition
Few marks on the sides

£21.95 +VAT

Woeden chairs
| Ref #: b5ec3054f1db

Sold 11x Chairs - London

Price: £21.50 +VAT
Wooden chairs for sale
Wooden and leather chairs
Good condition
There are few marks on them
One or two have little mark cracks on the middle of the back
But otherwise good

£21.50 +VAT

Wooden chairs for sale
| Ref #: 9ec712707e0b

Dudson Oval Plate - London

Price: £2.75 +VAT
Dudson Oval Plate
Over stocked 2000PC
Seconds, new
2000 X 26.5CM BY 20.5CM Oval Plate
Factory List Price £7.47 - Web Offer £2.75 each

£2.75 +VAT

Dudson Oval Plate
| Ref #: 0ee4f7f4b02a

1000pc x Seconds Dudson - London

Price: £1.99 +VAT
1000pc x Seconds Dudson
Deep flair dudson pasta plate / salad plate
297 x plain white
Min order 100pc
List Price £10.49 - NEW PRICE £1.99+ vat

£1.99 +VAT

1000pc x Seconds Dudson
| Ref #: a642944aa722
Chamonix Range
This crockery is all new, not used
Over stocked in Hoddesdon warehouse!
We are happy to do a fantastic deal on this job lot of fine bone china
Please see factory list price and our Special offer

£9000 +VAT

Dudson fine china crockery
| Ref #: 6c19ffbfc605

8x High Back Wall Sofas - London

Price: £125 +VAT
High back sofa for sale
High back Wall sofas
Black used
Average Condition
Few marks on them

£125 +VAT

High back sofa for sale
| Ref #: 33e58f571ab8
Fair condition
Restaurant qualified Chairs
Very hard waring
Well looked after
Serval marks

£685 +VAT

Used stackable chair
| Ref #: ec478f07ae98
Old stock clearance price
Best Dudson
8" Plaza ovals
Boxed in 12pc
List price £4.39 + VAT

£1.99 +VAT

Dudson Oval 8" or 21cm Plate Plaza Body 400Q - London
| Ref #: 482a74769e63
Saving Approx. 65% off Dudson list price see netted price below
Fully vitrified body
Oven proof, Dishwasher safe, Microwave proof, Toughened & reinforced rims, Approx.. numbers in stock
New stock warehouse clearance

£0.75 +VAT

Dudson crockery
| Ref #: 9bef3fe81fa9
  • Not used still on pallet (new)
  • 9oz breakfast cup
  • Boxed in 36's
  • List price £4.96 each
  • Min order 500pc - 500 in stock

£1.85 +VAT

New Dudson Best Cumulus White
| Ref #: 90788697e12e
Perfect size for individual pie or side portion of veg
Size 5.1/4" wide by 2" height
Oven proof, Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe
Boxed in 36pc
List price £4.95 - Clearance £2.50 - 500+ available min 72pc

£2.50 +VAT

Dudson Best Pie Dish  for sale
| Ref #: b67366c85397
(Not used) warehouse clearance
Some might have warehouse dust on them
Code of mug is 091v
List price £2.93
Pice £0.75 each to clear - 400+ instock - Min order 50pc

£0.75 +VAT

Dudson Mug 10z Cone Shape Seconds
| Ref #: d6c314f992a7
We have in stock: Plaza Dudson Plaza Range crockery slight seconds
Hotel ware heavy duty crockery
Not used as we are catering equipment wholesaler
All stock is ready on a pallet to be dispatched
266 x10" Plate 260q
695 x9" Plate240q
270 x6"Side plate210q
480 x Oatmeal bowl 6.1/4"330q

£1499 +VAT

Dudson Plaza
| Ref #: 280ed742d0cb
Classic wide rim
List price £9.87
150pc left!!
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12"Oval Dudson Plates Seconds
| Ref #: 79c7c5571d6f
150pc left
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12.1/2" Oval Damask Dudson Seconds
| Ref #: e685a7ad63e2
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
150pc left

£2.95 +VAT

150 x New Dudson 11.1/4" Oval Plates Seconds
| Ref #: a3136e7bb6cf
12.1/2" plate
Heavy duty range
New not used
List is £9.75
Price £2.50 each or make an offer to clear the lot!!

£2.50 +VAT

450x Sonata Dudson 12 1/2" - Seconds
| Ref #: 7261628c4929
Dudson Finest Vitrified 6oz Cups
Perfect for double espresso or small cappuccino.
Not used
Special offer £0.75 each. (+VAT)
500 in stock.
Minimum order: 50 pcs

£0.75 +VAT

Dudson Finest Vitrified 6oz Cups
| Ref #: 3e2794a3c9e7
Seconds, not used
Sold by catering equipment suppliers London
List price £15.03
Special offer £9.50 +VAT - Hurry while stocks last

£9.50 +VAT

100x Dudson New Slight Seconds - Oval Plate Heavy Duty Hotelware 15" Wide Rim
| Ref #: e8cdb93a93f7
Stainless stable
With gastro rack storage below
Size : 45x72x 90 high

£95 +VAT

Stainless Steel Table with Gastro Rack
| Ref #: 6c0a6a5d532a
Dudson's Fine China (soup/pasta plates)
Seconds/Not used/Overstocked
300 x 11 1/2" soup/pasta plate Special Offer £2,75
300 x 10 1/2" soup/pasta plate Special Offer £2.25

£2.25 +VAT

Dudson's Fine China Soup / Pasta Plates 10 1/2"
| Ref #: 9bd6f3f6ecfa
Combining stylish design and energy saving features, the new Gram Eco Plus models are at the forefront of energy efficiency and usability. Safety and hygiene have been thought about throughout the design process, incorporating dishwasher safe shelving, and a concealed control panel to protect against splashing water.

£1050 +VAT

New upright fridge for sale
| Ref #: 66079079dafd
The Gram K 72 CCG C1 4S is an upright single door fridge which is a right hand hinged reversible door which is lockable.
Ex exhibition stock fridges
New B grade stock

£1095 +VAT

New gram upright fridge
| Ref #: fd797fe00d69
Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice and Water Push Button Dispenser DCM-120KE
From industry leading brand Hoshizaki, the DCM-120KE ice dispenser is the perfect solution for self-service restaurants and canteens which require simple, efficient and reliable ice and water dispensing. Incredibly easy to use, the Hoshizaki ice dispenser features simple push-button dispensing, whilst still retaining easily controllable portion control - saving both water and energy

£1995 +VAT

Ice and water dispenser for sale
| Ref #: 296ca7a2659c

Jade - LJSC2 Freezer - London

Price: £1557 +VAT
Under counter prep freezer
The JSC2 is a two door refrigerated slimline counter that provides the same features as the standard Jade refrigerated counter with a reduced depth of only 500mm. With no compromise on performance, reliability and efficiency, it is ideal for foodservice operations where space is at a premium.

£1557 +VAT

Under counter prep freezer
| Ref #: acb6e2daa329